William Parsons

William Parsons is known for his quite creativity and practical wisdom as Daniel Burnham said. He studied at Yale and where he take his art degree and got his master’s degree in architecture at Columbia University. He is the one who supervise and implement the design plans of Daniel Burnham. He choose William Parsons due to his supreme credentials.

William Parsons Works:
Manila Hotel
Army & Navy Club
Philippine General Hospital
Philippine Normal School
Women’s Dormitory of the Normal School
University Hall of the University of the Philippines (PadreFaura)
YMCA building
Elk’s Club
Manila Club
“Gabaldon” schoolhouse, most visible, 5 prototypes
The Mansion House ( Baguio City)– official summer residence of the President of the Philippines

Manila Hotel - photo from

Philippine General Hospital -photos from ernie uichanco

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