Duralco Vogue Collection Vertical Blinds

Available in extreme polished black mechanism for a very modern and striking effect or champagne gold mechanism for a more elegant and unique look.

Duralco vertical blinds are not just fabulous to look at, they are fabulous to own. Manufactured using the highest quality materials to provide great looking blinds that perform exactly as they should and give superb owner satisfaction.

Duralco Vogue Collection Vertical Blinds

Duralco Philippines Branches

Inquire now and still avail of our special 25th anniversary discount! Simply email them at or call us at 0917DURALCO.

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  1. Great collection of vertical blinds. The color, style and design of the window blinds are so appealing to the eyes of the kids. We all know that window blinds are typically cover the entire window when down, potentially limiting their versatility in terms of light management. On the other hand, many window shade styles also provide energy efficiency, black-out options, and elegant style.


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