UAP Clark will be having its CPD Tour with an approved credit unit!
Email for reservations. 

Tour Itinerary:

Clark Museum
The newly - renovated Clark Museum features an expanded collection of artifacts, true-to-life replicas, scenic dioramas, old photographs, murals and interactive displays among others significant to the history of Clark, Pampanga and surrounding areas, generally called Metro Clark.
The Museum tells of the Filipino spirit of bravery, industry and ingenuity of a nation’s sovereign will running through a narrative across four galleries. It briefly tells a story, a bigger world from which Clark grew and speaks of social and economic advances and continuing progress.

Gallery 1:
A Geo Hub for the Filipino Spirit between Arayat and Pinatubo
Present geological and geographical context of Clark, its favorable geophysical environment and strategic location for the development of a hub or gateway that connects to a bigger and wider world in commerce, communication and culture.

Gallery 2:
People’s Industry and Ingenuity, Filipino Spirit in Craft and Ritual
Present Pampanga Central Luzon towns in the vicinity of Clark, Arayat and Pinatubo as network for industry and trade, reflected in traditions that evolved from a natural environment, which provided possibilities of creation and innovation.

Gallery 3:
Interregnum: Clark Air Field, The Filipino Spirit Rechanneled
Presents Clark Air Field as a U.S. Military Facility from 1900s within the context of colonial situation and later Philippine government security framework; but treatment takes into account not only military and geopolitical dimension but equally the socio economic dimension of facility and environs.

Gallery 4:
Clark Freeport: Celebrating, The Filipino Spirit Renewed and Rising
Presents Clark Freeport in great transformation showing Filipino spirit of bravery, industry and ingenuity rising and visioning toward the future; indicates great strides of Clark highlighting its forward thrusts, its varied dimensions for development, its best companies, its Filipino leadership and management, technicians and workers, and the many communities that support and benefit from the freeport.

Clark Museum Souvenir Shop
The Clark Museum Souvenir Shop is where you can find unique merchandise items, not commonly found in the larger retail market. Products to be sold must have relevance to the museum theme, Clark and neighboring provinces.

Clark Museum Special Exhibits

Special/Temporary Exhibit is located at the end of Gallery 2 at the Clark Museum where various Pampanga furniture pieces are currently on display. In order to make the museum more vibrant and contemporary, various exhibit and activities can be initiated in the area for a certain period.

4D Theater

A 48-seater state of the art 4D Theater featuring a 20-minute documentary film entitled “Risen from the Ashes” which highlights Clark’s rich history past forward to the present. The 4D Theater offers a one of a kind experience which would allow visitors to view the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991 with spectacular in-theater effects including wind, bubbles and mist to add a breathtaking fourth dimension.

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